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Frustrated by keyboard noise interfering with your in-game chat? Or struggling to be heard during conversations around your home or outdoors? Then banish your communications concerns for good with ROG’s AI noise-canceling microphone. It ensures crystal-clear voice communication for gaming and beyond, and wherever you are – indoors or out.

What is AI noise-canceling microphone?

ASUS's AI noise-canceling microphone features a dedicated processor loaded with smart profiles trained by AI to eliminate over 50-million types of background noise, while preserving vocal harmonics for crystal-clear in-game voice communication. This smart mic reduces distracting chatter, keyboard clatter and mouse clicks by up to 95%, allowing you to communicate clearly in any environment.

How does the AI noise-canceling microphone work?

Powerful artificial intelligence uses machine-learning techniques to reliably distinguish human speech from background noise. By analyzing the audio received by the mic, this algorithm eliminates almost all unwanted noise to retain only your voice ensuring that everything you say is clearly heard.

Why do you need the AI noise-canceling microphone?

You’ll feel the benefits of our AI noise-canceling microphone however and wherever you communicate. For starters, it’ll detect and suppress the many noises that bounce around your gaming den, from keyboard and mouse clicks to whirring fans and computer beeps. The mic’s AI power also removes background voices, music and traffic noise – so it’s perfect for use at LAN parties, in internet cafes or on trains, buses and the metro.

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