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Raise your peripheral game with loadouts from TUF Gaming and ROG (p.1)

If you’ve never given much thought to the gear you use to control and hear your gameplay, or you’re just getting by with the keyboard, mouse, and headset that came with your last desktop PC, it’s time to rethink whether your peripherals are doing all they can to raise your game. ASUS engineers are at the forefront of finding ways to get you into the winner’s circle more often, and our peripherals embody the fruits of their labor. We’ve wrapped up some of our greatest gear into an easy-to-follow peripheral guide for the best gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, mousing surfaces, and more.

Our TUF Gaming gear offers robust quality and gamer-friendly features at price points that won’t break the bank. If you’re new to PC gaming and still rely on peripherals built for productivity, it’s easy to level up your battlestation by putting together a loadout from the TUF Gaming family.

If you’re a demanding gamer looking for the most customizable and custom-tailored gear around, it’s time to consider joining the Republic of Gamers. ROG gear incorporates our most cutting-edge innovations into peripherals that fuse an aggressive style with room for plenty of customization to let you express your personal aesthetic. Read on to find the right upgrade for your needs.

TUF-en up your setup with TUF Gaming

Tapping into the full arsenal of TUF Gaming peripherals will raise your game and add a dose of style to your setup without tapping out your wallet. Military-inspired design and rigorously tested durability allow you to stay in the game no matter how hot the action gets, and they’ll let anybody who lays eyes on your rig know you mean business.

The TUF Gaming K5 is battle-ready and budget-friendly

Serious gamers know that a good keyboard is the foundation of a winning record. Generic membrane keyboards may be fine for office work, but we know from experience that gamers need more from their peripherals, whether that’s a more durable chassis, more tactile key switches, more customizable lighting, or just more style.

Our TUF Gaming K5 gives you a rock-solid first step into gaming keyboard glory. Under each key, you’ll find a TUF Gaming Mech-brane switch. Mech-branes bring the best of membrane and mechanical switches together. Every key press delivers a tactile, clicky actuation paired with a cushioned, comfortable feel. Each key offers 3.7mm of total travel for the right balance of satisfying travel and fast response.Under those keys, Aura Sync-compatible RGB LEDs shine through with all the colors of the rainbow. You can choose any of four popular lighting effects: a static color for easy coordination with the rest of your setup, a breathing effect that draws the eye with a single-color pulsation, a color wave effect that creates a rainbow cascade across the board, and a color cycling effect that shifts the entire keyboard through all the shades of the visible spectrum.Five customizable lighting zones let you tweak the K5’s appearance to taste through our Armoury Crate software. Armoury Crate also manages settings profiles, macro recording, and key remapping. Onboard memory in the K5 gives you access to your custom profiles even on PCs without Armoury Crate installed.
The inherently hands-on nature of gaming keyboards exposes them to considerable abuse over time, so the TUF Gaming K5’s chassis is protected by an abrasion- and sweat-resistant coating designed to look and feel good for a long life of service. Most everybody has knocked over a glass or water bottle on their desk at some point, so a spill-resistant design allows the K5 to remain functional even if up to 60ml of fluid makes its way into the chassis.

The TUF Gaming K7 powers up your keypresses with the speed of light

The TUF Gaming K7 keyboard takes our essential TUF DNA and augments it for top-class performance. First and foremost, it’s got a secret weapon up its sleeves: our TUF Opto-mech switches.

Rather than relying on contact between metal elements to record a key press, these optical switches project a beam of light beneath the switch stem. Every time you press a key, the stem blocks the beam, and a sensor immediately registers the change. This principle of operation shaves precious milliseconds off the registration of each keystroke, translating your intent into action that much faster. You can choose between tactile Opto-mech switches with a reassuring bump at the point of actuation or linear versions for a smooth, uninterrupted feel.Thanks in part to our Opto-mech switch design, the TUF Gaming K7 boasts IP56 dust and water resistance for reliable operation and long life even as the rigors of battle take their toll. An aircraft-grade aluminum outer shell looks good on a desk and offers a rock-solid foundation for each key switch, and a nano-coated PCB inside the chassis prevents oxidation of critical circuit traces. The cushioned wrist rest uses memory foam inside and leatherette outside to give your wrists a breather between intense matches.
Our Opto-mech switches aren’t the only place where light makes a difference on the K7. RGB LEDs under every keycap stand ready to let you define your own battle flag. The K7 gives you access to 10 pre-configured Aura Sync lighting effects for turn-key style and easy coordination with your other compatible components. If you prefer to create color-coded layouts for quick reference in compex games, the TUF Gaming K7 offers per-key RGB LED backlighting for a fully customizable canvas. Armoury Crate serves as the K7’s nerve center, managing lighting, macros, and more.

The TUF Gaming H3 headset gets your ears in the game

Keeping your ears open is critical to victory in fast-paced team shooters and battle royales where hearing a footstep or gunshot could mean the difference between life and death. The larger drivers and dedicated microphones of gaming headsets give you a leg up over opponents stepping onto the battlefield with generic earbuds with inline mics.
We built the TUF Gaming H3 headset to rise to that challenge. The first duty of any headset worth its salt is to cleanly and clearly transmit critical aural information to your ears, so we selected large 50mm Essence drivers and tucked them into closed, custom-designed chambers built to maximize bass response without sacrificing clarity. That approach means you’ll still get the visceral thrill of explosions and chaos on the battlefield without losing the ability to pinpoint the crunch of leaves or the clink of a grenade.If you regularly buckle in for hours of gaming, the last thing you want is sweaty, overheated ears. We selected a cooling memory foam as the starting point for the ear pads on the TUF Gaming H3 and wrapped that comfortable material in durable protein leather that further seals each ear cup against outside noise. A full-tang stainless steel headband means the H3 will stand up to repeated use over time, and it’s covered in generous cushioning to keep the top of your head comfortable. To further optimize comfort during lengthy gaming sessions, we tuned the clamping force on the H3 to provide a secure fit without making you feel as though your head is in a vice.When you take command on the battlefield, your teammates need to hear you loud and clear. To that end, the TUF Gaming H3 offers a unidirectional mic on a flexible boom. Our engineers specifically tuned this mic for optimal transmission of the human voice, and you don’t have to take our word for it: it’s certified for use with Discord and TeamSpeak, too. A dedicated volume control and a mic mute switch give you instant access to those critical controls when you need to step back from the action.

The TUF Gaming M3 mouse lets you take dead aim

Alongside your keyboard and headset, the mouse should be the next stop on the path to gaming glory. It’s how you aim and fire weapons, dispatch units, or conduct skirmishes, and all of those actions need to happen at the right place and the right time. That need for precision means you need a mouse that you can trust to translate your inputs into action, no questions asked. The TUF Gaming M3 mouse is finely honed to get you into the winner’s circle without fuss, over and over again.
The M3’s outer shell lets you get a solid grip with a claw- or fingertip-style hold. Beyond its inviting shape, the outer shell boasts a specialized, long-lasting coating built to withstand the friction, perspiration, and abrasion that build up from long hours in the hand. Long-lived Teflon feet keep the M3 gliding smoothly across your desk or mouse mat for up to 250km of travel. Aura Sync lighting behind the TUF logo on the rear of the mouse lets you customize the M3 to fit in with the rest of your coordinated setup.Getting a grip is undeniably important, but the buttons are where the real action happens for any mouse. The two large main buttons immediately fall to hand, and they use heavy-duty tactile switches rated for 20 million clicks to endure plenty of action. Two more customizable buttons under your thumb give you quick access to frequently-used commands, and a clickable scroll wheel offers yet another hardpoint for customization. DPI switches behind the scroll wheel let you cycle through four customizable sensitivity presets on the fly, all the way through the optical sensor’s range of 200 dpi to 7000 dpi. Those DPI presets, along with Aura Sync lighting, button mapping, and more, can all be managed through Armoury Crate software.

The TUF Gaming P3 mouse pad minimizes friction and maximizes consistency

Most gaming mice function just fine when resting directly on a desk, but there are still plenty of reasons to consider adding a dedicated mousing surface to your arsenal. Coarse materials or finishes will accelerate the wear of your mouse’s feet, and they might increase friction when you want just the opposite during swift mouse movements. Some materials aren’t conducive to optimal tracking with mouse sensors, either. You need a mousing surface with a consistent feel and reliable response if you want to game like a pro. That’s where the TUF Gaming P3 comes in.
The TUF Gaming P3’s finely woven cloth surface offers a slick, smooth foundation for quick mouse movements and precise aiming, and its low-friction finish means it won’t slow your hand and arm down in motion, either. A rugged anti-fray edge finish extends the life of the pad, and the anti-slip rubber undercoating ensures that the surface won’t move around during even the most intense moments you might encounter on the battlefield.Mousing surfaces are a great place for personalization, too. The TUF Gaming P3’s rugged tire-tread design and monochrome color scheme fits seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of our TUF Gaming peripherals. It also provides a neutral canvas that won’t clash with your RGB LED lighting scheme of choice.

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